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Spring Training is held at the Sky Stadium indoor nets at the Wellington School of Cricket. The dates for the 2023 are:

Session 1 - 9/10 September 2023

Session 2 - 16/17 September 2023

Session 3 - 23/24 September 2023

Session 4 - 7/8 October 2023

Session 5 - 15 October 2023 or 29 October 2023

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Sessions and Access Details

The tables below have the grade schedules along with the Door Code for Entry into the Sky Stadium Nets:


Door codes for the final 5th session are below - please note the special instructions further below as well


Sunday 15th October


For the Wellington Phoenix Women's fixture at Sky Stadium on Sunday 15th October at 3pm, there are special requirements for Spring Training players to access the stadium on this day. Stadium security has a list of players attending each Spring Training session and the players will be asked their name at the security gate. 


12:00 – 1:30PM - Parents will be able to drive up the ramp and drop players off before security. They will be let down on foot after security sights their name on the gate-list.


1:30 – 5:00PM - Gates and car park will be open but parents will not be able to drive up the ramp. Please drop your player off in the public car park at the bottom of the ramp. Players then need to go on foot through the pedestrian access up the ramp, have their names ticked off at security and travel down to the nets. Pick up will be at the same location.


Please accompany your player to Spring Training for this Saturday 7th October session due to the increased Sky Stadium security.

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