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ROBLAWMAX Division 3 Men's grade 

Currently led by Scott Oldham, the Collegians Men's Premier side has built a strong and cohesive group of players over the past three seasons. 

The team are hoping to build on the strong performances in the build-up to the 2022/23 campaign with qualification for the Hazlett Cup at the forefront of their ambitions. 


ROBLAWMAX Division 4 Men's grade

The team will continue to support the Premier side by offering pathways and opportunities for players to execute their skills and push for Premier team selection. We’ve had good numbers at training to date which bodes well for the season ahead. (Damien Grant - Premier Men Reserve team captain)

sparkle motion.jpeg

ROBLAWMAX Division 5 Men's grade

Sparkle Motion, a name that strikes fear into no one whatsoever, but with the flamboyance of its namesake (a 4 year old dance troupe from Donny Darko), the team has become a core part of Wellington Cricket's middle grades for more than a decade. 

After an auspicious start in 2008 - scoring 45 in response to the oppositions' 386, every game since has been an improvement. 

Since those early days, Sparkle has crept up the grades and now play as Wellington Collegians' Cricket Club's 3rd XI, providing a strong bridging role between the social and senior squads. Keep an eye out for them in Wellington Collegians' colours (plus a dash of purple), enjoying their cricket while giving it everything.

falcon hawk(e)

ROBLAWMAX Division 7 Men's grade

FalconHawk(e) was formed in the halcyon days of the 2004/05 season when the summers were long and the champagne flowed freely. A team of amateurs who played with amateur ideals; the socialist structure led to a drive for mid-table mediocrity. A strict rule (still followed today) of a new captain each year has worked maintain its place in the middle. In recent times, however, “professional” mindsets have infiltrated and placed us in serious contention for pennants. This attitude - well below FalconHawk(e)’s status - is a work on for the team.


Currently entertaining club cricketers in Div 6, the glamour two day grade of Wellington Club Cricket; FalconHawk(e) are an equal opportunities cricket team. It has seen doctors (both of philosophy and medicine), award winning novelists, politicians, mayors, high-ranking officials, engineers and poets in its ranks. Also other professions, like people who paint houses and actors are allowed to play.


Catches Mean Victory


ROBLAWMAX Division 6 Men's grade

George Bradley Hogg. Sun’s out, Tongue’s out.


Established in 2011, a team largely based from rejects of Wellington College Cricket Club set sights on senior cricket at Collegians. With now just over 10 years of experience at Collegians, Hogg’s have done it all from T20 to 2-day format. Hogg’s greatest success came in 2016/17 claiming the Fourth Grade trophy on their debut season.


Blossoming under the prospect of honours board performances there have been some sensational match-winning performances partnered with tantalisingly match losing collapses.


One of Hogg’s greatest feats include dropping 14 catches in a 2-day game, only to go on and become victorious. Therefore kid’s don’t listen to what your coaches tell you, listen to what Hoggs tell you. Catches DO NOT win matches.

One Tonne Dream 

ROBLAWMAX T20 Division 1

As society becomes ever dependant on technology, attention spans are dwindling. This couldn’t be truer for our division 1 T20 side, The One Tonne Dream. T20 is all about bright colours, big shots and having a good time not a long time which OTD thrives on.


The team was originally named after a goal of collectively weighing over 1 tonne. However, with the prospect of big money overseas contracts up for grabs in T20 franchises around the world, it’s all business for the OTD now.


Simon Petre continues to captain OTD in 21/22 after successfully leading the dream to a mid-table finish last season when taking over the reins as captain.

Peggy Sues

ROBLAWMAX T20 Division 3

The Peggy Sue’s, named after an old old wooden ship that came into Wellington Harbour back in the 1640’s carrying none other than Peggy herself. After arriving from Bolivia she quickly established the Peggy Sue’s cricket team in 1642 and to this day holds a lot of records for the club. She was also known to have a wooden leg and legend has it that she would take it off and use it as a bat.

The team played in the T20 first division back then, but over the years has slowly found its rightful home in the third division. Now made up of a group of mates from high school, this group of misfits is fast growing a reputation here in the Capital. Last year the team were invited to the 2021 Stumpies and were awarded best dressed along with the team with the best indoor-outdoor flow. The Peggy’s are regulars at the basin supporting our Patron Lockie Ferg and after a hard-fought loss can be found at our local The Cambo.

The team is all about the bants and the beers, but also has ambition and has set a lofty goal to be the third division champions 2024, you heard it here first!

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